Strong and supple, organic and comfortable. Made to last a lifetime. Worn to make a difference.

Always ethically grown, sourced and produced. High quality generational garments that stand the test of time and elevate far above traditional apparel.

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Premium Generational Hemp Shirt- Short SleevePremium Generational Hemp Shirt- Short Sleeve
  • Beautiful Clothing

    High quality material selections & attention to detail make our clothing the ethical choice that becomes a staple for a lifetime in any wardrobe. These garments are made to last decades and wear in not out.

  • Timeless Design

    We modeled our Apparel to rival "Designer" Brands in cut and fit, and improved upon them in every way possible.Double stitching, Hem Ribbing, Patch Detailing and Cocoa buttons are just some of the features that make Shameless Hemp co stand out.

  • For Planet & Humanity

    Always Ethically sourced and produced. We put humanity and our planet first in design, creation and business. Our clothing is meant to show the world all they have been missing and make a difference for good in the process.

  • Hemp Materials are the Future of Quality and sustainability.

    There’s a whirlwind of change around hemp legislation. We are reducing the need for inorganic and maximizing the organic hemp sector of the clothing industry. This will keep the Earth cleaner in the years to come. It also shows the world a better future.