Heres to Humanity and our Planet

The Shameless Hemp Company promise- Heres to Humanity and a Sustainable Future - For Self, Love & Planet


Unlike traditional apparel company's we make sure that every step, from the farming to the future is
carefully thought out and crafted into our generational garments.

Our hemp is grown organically with modern farming methods that create a negative carbon

We take pride in the preservation of our planet, responsible farming and manufacturing processes and the ethical treatment of hard-working individuals that help us create these beautiful hand crafted Garment’s.

Our Organic hemp
threads are spun and woven into wonderfully crafted fabrics that harness the
incredible characteristics of this amazing fiber. Combined in perfect ratios with eco-friendly AZO free dyes to create our incredible and versatile FutureBlend 2.1 fabrics.

We Ethically produce the finest Hemp Products in the world by focusing on every detail of the garment to ensure that our clothing will become a generational staple
in your wardrobe.

Attention to detail in every aspect of processing and production has led to a revolution in fashion. We have created clothing that reflects us, in quality and character. It puts our love for our planet and creates a way to a future where our clothing expresses not only our ethical values, but also our perseverance. Our garments don’t wear out, they wear in. The hemp thread used in the stitching and embroidery is strong and far from traditional
in every aspect.

Shameless Hemp co. apparel is For Self, Love & Planet

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