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Premium Generational Hemp Shirt- Short Sleeve

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Beyond a garment. sewn chest stripping and detailing on stitch. 55% Eco-treated hemp 45% Organic cotton tie blend. 290gm, 10oz. Breathable, anti-microbial & moisture-wicking.Double-stitched sleeve ribbing and hem patch detailing make an improved long sleeve that is sure to become a staple in any wardrobe for a lifetime. Unisex colorfast non-toxic dyed wrinkle-free jersey blend that is of fine quality and upscale beauty. uncomparable to traditional long sleeves and progressive in style. This shirt will last for decades with no change in shape. They come soft and wash softer. Grommets and patches make this shirt strong and supple and advanced detailing throughout improves upon traditional design in all aspects. Equipped and shipped with an Eco-smart Shameless Hemp co. matching hook-up and crystal charm to signify the long lifespan of this premium garment.As always shipped in bio-plastic Compostable eco-friendly packaging.